Duties and Responsibilities

We are actively looking for talents to be our consultants and analysts to support our analytical team and to engage with client-focused tasks. The focus of this position will cover economic, politics and defense issues that may have an impact on our clients.

You will be responsible for producing analytical reports, timely assessments and supporting overall operations led by our directors. We would like you to deliver exclusive content and data visualization sourced in innovative ways, with expertise spanning finance and regional and international security issues.

Key requirements

Current or previous experience of producing analysis on political, economic or defense issues.

Excellent communication skills and a people person.

Target focused and driven.

Ability to work under pressure and to strict deadlines.

Detailed and extensive knowledge of forementioned aspects.

Experience in governmental sectors or service in the military will be an advantage

We highly respect and value your expertise. Look forward to your contributions!

Contact us: service@thai-vision.com